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Edition 14 | Lawyers & Conveyancers | 12 June 2019

How you can get ahead with powerful legal-tech

In this edition, we explore how to take advantage of today's legal technology and share innovations that help navigate the opportunities ahead.

Four tips to transition to a paperless office

The future is paperless. The hardest part in making the transition to the electronic world and operating a paperless office is working out where to begin, followed by removing the overwhelming thought of having to find the time to make the transition.

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How your property knowledge sets you apart from competitors

Your depth of knowledge can set you apart from competitors when it comes to the property market. Three tips to get ahead.

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How will e-Settlements work when there are two providers?

You might be asking, with two providers of electronic lodgement networks (ELNs), how will e-Settlements work?

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The value we provide our clients

InfoTrack is with you every step of the way, supporting you to navigate the challenges and opportunities technology can provide.

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Prepare for the NSW July Mandate

It's now only a matter of weeks until the 1 July mandate. We have a range of resources to help you prepare.

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