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Edition 8 | Lawyers & Conveyancers | 13 March 2019

Staying cybersafe

Cybersecurity has been front of mind for many of our clients recently. The advancement of e-conveyancing along with the introduction of the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme and GDPR last year have put a spotlight on how we protect and manage sensitive data. This edition we delve into high-profile email hacking cases, the latest cybersecurity trends, and how to protect your firm against phishing.

4 ways to protect against cyber phishing

Learn about safety measures you can easily implement today to safeguard your firm from phishing.

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What you need to know about cybersecurity in 2019

Get up to speed on the latest trends from the rise of multi-factor authentication to AI-generated fake audio.

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Are your emails at risk of cyber hacking?

With prying eyes targeting conveyancing transactions, we highlight lessons you can learn from recent hacking cases.

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5 facts about Old System Searching

Mark Groll has been investigating NSW land titles for over 40 years. We sit down with Mark, one of only three in NSW who can do all aspects of Old System Searching.

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Paperless conveyancing - Smokeball  13 Mar | 1pm 1 CPD
10 tips for old system searching  18 Mar | 1pm 1 CPD
How to secure conveyancing transactions 19 Mar | 1pm 1 CPD
How to improve client experience 19 Mar | 1pm 1 CPD
How to grow your business in a competitive market 20 Mar | 1pm 1 CPD
How to manage risk in online property transactions 21 Mar | 1pm 1 CPD
Increasing efficiency through integration - Smokeball 25 Mar | 1pm 1 CPD
Cladding Levies and Contracts with Russell Cocks 26 Mar | 1pm 1 CPD
Cybercrime in eConveyancing 27 Mar | 1pm 1 CPD



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